Montessori Europe congress in Sofia

4 – 8 October 2018


Emergent Literacy; do you like to read books with children?

Professionals (Teachers and Guides) know how to use strategies to make books interesting and emotionally moving for kids.


  1. Practicing essential parts of emerging literacy.
  2. Using technics to strengthen language and reading skills.
  3. Choosing tools to enrich the prepared environment.

Topic: Interactive Reading Aloud.


Interactive reading books with children bring them more than a year ahead compared with children who don’t have this change. We will present figures from practice and research that reading aloud for children promotes the emergent literacy.

We noticed that children listen more active, ask more questions, use more words (vocabulary) and get more knowledge about reading and language.

In our interactive workshop we will illustrate the theories of emergent literacy in a power point and we will demonstrate how to use reading aloud. For that we ask you to bring your favorite book with pictures and text for young children.

The focus lies on children from 3-7 years old.

Approximate timeline: 90 minutes.