Project Description

Teacher Education Program

The TEP program

The Montessori Teacher Education Program (TEP-course) is for the 0 – 6 or 6 – 12 years old children. Teachers and Guides which do there examine successfully are equipped now to perform Montessori education on an international level.

They receive a Certificate of the Dutch Montessori Association (NMV)

The trainers of Vivid Onderwijs are proud to have the possibility to give this certificate to the participants.

The content of the course needs in total 200 academic in class hours and in class practicum and 160 hours study and research by the students themselves.

The content of the course is:

Montessori History in the perspective of Montessori Education in the 21. Century,

Skills and attitudes of the Montessori Teacher in a new perspective, evidence based and data-driven,

Montessori Materials and their core concepts,

Processes and applications of activities and tools,

Learning styles and cooperative learning,

Perception, Language and Locomotion development,

Periods of growth,



Arts and


Observation: styles and documentation

Formative evaluation, Feedback and monitoring, Asking questions

Prepared environment, Time and classroom management

Pedagogical styles, Parents and school

Inclusive Education.

We work with a portfolio that stimulates the student to reflect on the learning process and give space for individual adjustments.